Top 4 Technology Startup’s in Canada

Start-ups have become popular among society, especially with the younger generation wanting to start something of their own without having a 9-5 job that might not get them anywhere. With technology and so many industries constantly coming to life, there are a few start-ups in technology that have proven how lucrative small technology businesses can be.

This article provides details on 4 of the most successful and popular technology. Start-ups that are still operating in 2022 in Canada.


Maple is a standing point of attraction between those looking for medical attention and Canadas top healthcare professionals. Healthcare technology is regarded worldwide as the most important aspect of technological innovations, making it easy to get investors and grants as a start-up.

The app can link anybody looking for medical assistance with a medical professional within minutes.

Craver Solutions

Craver Solutions is seen as one of the most successful technology start-ups since 2021 and is headquartered in Vancouver, Canada. Among their products, they have a mobile ordering app that helps restaurants compete with large hotel chains in providing meals at great prices.

It’s an app that works with the same principles as most online delivery apps, except that its sole purpose is to help the smaller restaurants stand out.


LifeSpeak is a wellness platform that gives employers the tools they require to assist their employees in staying well. One of the main objectives of the app is to keep employees fit and productive. The app gives employees easy access to required support for overcoming life challenges, financial difficulties, medical issues, or any wellness support for emotional problems.

The company has been highly successful throughout Canada and stands out as one of the most profitable start-ups in technology for 2022.


With apps being at the forefront of technology and providing vital services to everybody with a smart or mobile phone, it’s easy to find investors in start-up apps. Showbie works in education technology, presenting a user-friendly platform providing tools for communication and receiving feedback within the education industry.

With technology being one of the most profitable industries in the world today, there are many chances to receive a business grant, loan, or assistance from other organizations to get a start-up into action.