Technology Blogs

The blogs on this list provide insights and news into various technology fields and industries as well as product reviews, assistance, and more. Some of the blogs on this list have a wide focus on all aspects of technology and its role in Canada as well as providing information on technology in non-profit organizations, charities, and investments.

CBC Technology News –

This blog posts up to one post per day, with nearly one million people following their posts on social media to stay up to date on the latest in Canadian technology. The CBC is known for reporting on various topics, including technology, news, sports, and much more.

Mobile Syrup –

Mobile Syrup brings the latest Canadian technology news insights reviews of devices and how-to guides for users. They cover most aspects of smartphones, tablets, and even virtual reality products in gaming. They have a large focus on technology in the automotive industry and act as one of Canada’s most resourceful technology news sites.

IT World Canada –

IT World Canada posts up to 30 posts per week, making them one of the most important technology blogs to visit to stay up to date on every aspect of business and technology. They are the leading Canadian resource for IT professionals working in medium to large enterprises. They provide daily tech news and product reviews, and tech podcasts with industry leaders.

Tech Daily –

Tech Daily stands as one of Canada’s most popular tech blogs and magazines. They provide news and insights into most technology industries. Some of their main topics include mobile carriers and devices, audio technology, PCs and technology in the home and the automotive industry.

The blogs on this list are all dedicated to the public of Canada and provide detailed information that’s relevant to the country and how its technological industries are thriving with products and innovations in mobile, home, and automotive technology.