Canadian Funding Campaigns for Technology Startup’s

The grants and funds mentioned on this list are all made available by the Canadian government and other organizations in Canada to assist business-minded people in technology start-ups.

These campaigns and grants have been vital in assisting technology-wide growth in the country and especially in the British Columbia province by funding projects of business-minded individuals with great ideas.

Atlantic Innovation Fund

The Atlantic Innovation Fund has steadily become a vital campaign for business-minded individuals with great ideas and research capabilities. The fund is proof that the Canadian government is committed to increasing business productivity and growth, especially in the Technology sector.

To receive the fund, a person needs to be able to adapt new technology to meet business needs or respond to market opportunities in the community. The start-up will need to help Atlantic Canada’s new and traditional sectors in pursuing opportunities and stay competitive in growth and prosperity.

AgriInnovate Program

The AgriInnovate Program offers individuals repayable contributions for projects that aim to accelerate the commercialization of innovative products or services in technology. All eligible applicants for funding must illustrate with detailed proposals how they would be able to commercialize, adopt, and demonstrate innovation in the technology and Agri sectors of the country.

This is one of the most helpful programs available for funding great ideas in technological innovations. With this program being active in agriculture and technology, it also acts as a vital initiative for the country to prosper in agricultural production and get the technology to assist the agricultural industries.

SD Tech Fund

The Sustainable Development Technology Canada Fund is a grant towards technology in sustainable development that does not require repayment or giving up ownership of intellectual property. The fund helps to achieve national environmental goals of improving water, soil, and air quality by reducing the effects of climate change.

Applicants’ projects will be evaluated based on capabilities in technology, marketing, and business.

The funds and grants on this list are all vital for technology to improve and grow in sectors that are important to the country and its population. Within agriculture and service-oriented industries, technology is mostly sought for in Canada and acts as a great means to expand in technological efforts.